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The Cataleya Outlaw Whore


Touching back on the same designer as the last post there is another outfit that is recently new to her collection. The outfit is mainly for all the slut butts out there but if you are a Free Woman and are in love with the outfit I suggest pairing it with a different shirt to get the ‘Im covered up’ effect. This outfit comes and brown, grey, or red. You can also purchase the outfit to fit a more kajira style look which you can find “Here” at Luas marketplace store. Enjoy and have a whoretastic day!

How to create *The Cataleya Outlaw Whore*
Skin : [ Al vulo! ] al vulo!- Polly*  natural claveage Hb sunkissed
Shape : [ My Own ] My own  (You can purchase from Perfectly Poison for shapes I have made!)
Hair : [ Truth]   Agnes 3 – sangria
Eyes : [ Ikon]  Utopia Eyes – Bahama Green
Lashes : [ [ glow ] studio ] Eyelashes Touched – Sorted
Entire outfit :  [Luas]  Cataleya Brown
Nails :  Izzie’s] Classic Nails
Makeup : Izzie’sEye Make-Up natural brown
Collar : [Forge] Wrought Collar (Bought on marketplace)

Fashion Whore at any price


Before I blog about my outfit today there is one thing I wish to say! Eve and I (Eve is currently M.I.A because of computer issues) started this blog because we are generally having FUN. Second Life is a gaming outlet as well as the story line that we portray in the gorean theme. I have been role playing the gorean books for six years now and I am always looking for new and exciting outlets for my creativity. Whether it be creating a complete story line to working in photoshop on creating new pictures for avatars profiles to working on this blog that gives me yet another outlet to have a good time and to share with friends the looks that I come up with. I am not stealing anyone’s ‘Ideas’ as this has all been done before. There are thousands upon thousands of blogs dedicated to fashion and gor in no exception to this. At the end of the day I will continue my blog with Eve. This blog is dedicated to ALL the women out there who just want to have a good time! Not because this game is something they do because its a job but because they generally enjoy themselves. And now I will do the same!

Eve: (Via Phone) “Twowhores started as a role play plot that Ivy and I started together. As we got to know each other we both came to realize we had a vast interest in fashion. We loved posting and sharing every little aspect of our outfits. There would be many times in game we would even have people asking us where we would buy certain items. Because of this we thought it would be a lot easier for us to start a blog and express our tastes. Ivy is correct blogs are just that.. blogs. Tons of people create new blogs for different reasons everyday. But you can always link them to something similar. Whether its the taste of the particular person wearing today’s latest fashion to someone wanting to post an idea to someone blogging the food that they enjoy to eat to someone struggling with issues in their lives. Blogs are a medium to share with people and not just with one person but with everyone. And as a blog writer we should all be happy to share and connect our ideas.”

Readers: Today’s blog post is touching on fashion at any price. If you are like me you try to be as linden savvy as possible. So upon looking at marketplace I found a cute bond/panther outfit for the low price of 39L. Its not a new outfit but for that price I couldn’t resist. Enjoy and happy whoring!

How to create *Fashion Whore at any price*
Skin : [ Al vulo! ]  renzie* natural claveage Hb bronze
Shape : [ Perfectly Poison ] For sale on marketplace for 99L!
Hair : [!lamb]   !lamb. Wild Nothing – Ink
Eyes : [ Fashism]   ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Lagoon (S) (Only available on marketplace)
Lips and Eyeliner : [Dead Apples] {D.A} Lipgloss/Eyeshadow/Pout
Lashes : [ [ glow ] studio ] Eyelashes Touched – Sorted
Outfit (Includes shirt, belt, and bracelets) : [Old World] OW Slave girl
Nails :  [ RezIpsa Loc ] Chocolate Ganache Nails
Necklace :  [MAGIC NOOK] Peace Necklace (Gold)
Collar : [Open Collar] Turian Collar (Free!)