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The Patched Heart Whore


Touching on more By the Book items for my multitude of different audiences that I receive daily here I am showing a newer outfit created by ‘Torvis’ along with a quote from the books for my bible thumping gorean friends!

“I wore a brief, one-piece, brown work tunic. It was all I wore, with the exception of the collar. We wore such tunics when engaged as work slaves. The tunics of work slaves are usually brown or gray.”

Slave girl of Gor page 285

Torvis gives its own little twist to this outfit that uses a little bit of a color scheme and patched on hearts stitched along the tunic. And as a cute add on it includes throwing cupcakes! (That actually does do meter damage)

How to create *The Patched Heart Whore*
Skin : [ Al vulo! ]  Sakia*  camelia claveage light brow Hb bronze
Makeup :  [ Al vulo! ]  Sakia- lipgloss natural for bronze
Shape : [ Perfectly Poison] Polly Shape
Hair : [Wasabi Pills]    Sybille2 Mesh Hair – Gingerbread
Eyes : [ Ikon]  Utopia Eyes – Bahama Green
Lashes : [ [ glow ] studio ] Eyelashes Touched – Sorted
Entire outfit :  [Torvis]  My Heart Cupcakes
Boots :  [Torvis] Tainted Outlaw Brown Boot (Part of the outfit Tainted Outlaw Brown)
Nails :  [ RezIpsa Loc ] Plum Nails