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The Primus Mesh Bow


For a few months now Primus has had out a male and female mesh bow that from my experience has been much faster to use. I am a mesh WHORE and I will jump on any band wagon that touches on mesh weaponry. The fact is.. it simply rezzes quicker. Earlier this evening Thord Karu, the creator of Primus, sent out a notice which read..

Thord Karu: anyone who wants a free mesh bow, we are testing them in Primus right now, come down below and you will get one

Of course I went straight away. Right away the sim was filled until I was able to TP in after the 10th or so time of trying. Upon entering everyone was shooting with the mesh bow that was given as a freebie to those who joined in. I constantly feature this bow on my blog as the ‘Primus Rustica Bow and Quiver Set.’ I use this bow quite often and I have found my arrows to rezz even when the sim was filled with 30 plus people. Tonight was no different as everyone tested out this bow and was able to shoot quickly and efficiently.

-Pictured above, my friend mel getting caught in the cross fire of all the shooting-

Recently, Primus released a new mesh bow called Primus Eyvind Compound Bow. It is a complete mesh bow with small and larger sizes and low lag re-sizing scripts. The stats on it give smart draw technology, pro series soft trigger, allocated memory for settings, full and half splash hit report, height and weight adjuster, lob – short – and long range,  position correction, auto fire option, multiple fire sounds, hud with grapple and door pass and auto updates for life. The prim work is by Frankenbear Writer and I must say this bow is HOT.

The bow is available at ‘Primus‘ for 600L and WORTH IT. Have a Whore – iffic day!